Tribute from the Salvation Army to the founder of "Enjoy the Journey Foundation", Major Geoff Friend.

On Wednesday the 21st September 2016, Major Geoff Freind was promoted to Glory in Johannesburg, South Africa. 

Earlier this year, Geoff had been released from appointment responsibilities in Western Australia to pursue a strong calling on his life to preach the good news about Jesus in the developing world. Geoff had visited many countries in South East Asia as well as a number of countries in Africa. He was in Malawi as part of his current preaching tour. Whilst he was there he was attacked walking down the street suffering serious injuries of which he did not recover.

Geoff has left his indelible mark on not only his family, friends and Salvationist colleagues but also the broader community through his personal engagement. Geoff had a real heart and passion to support The Salvation Army’s work and those in need both in developing countries and here. He was a strong advocate for the disadvantaged of our community. Geoff supported The Salvation Army Howard Hospital in Zimbabwe and Chikankata Hospital in Zambia, financially and with material aid and much of his fundraising efforts were achieved through the writing of his books : Enjoy the Journey, Thank you for the Journey and A Great Journey (and I love every bit of it!- Quotation).

Whether it was through his books sharing the challenges of life’s journey, through his personal relationships developed through his ‘Hotel Ministry’ or keen interest in coaching and supporting local sporting teams, Geoff simply loved engaging with people. For 34 years, together with Lyn, Geoff has served the community as a Salvation Army Officer and always gave his best.

We as a movement express our heartfelt and sincere condolences to his wife Lyn, sons Ashley, Steven Nathan and Samuel and their families as well as Geoff’s parents Allan & Mabel for their loss. Certainly Geoff’s passing will be felt right throughout The Salvation Army both in Australia and abroad. 

In a statement from the immediate family released today, Geoff lived out his calling in the following way: 

“Geoff loved Jesus and wanted the world to know Him.”

The Salvation Army celebrates the life of Major Geoff Freind as a much loved and respected husband, father, son, grandfather, friend and as a committed Salvation Army Officer.  Geoff personified the character of The Salvation Army, being about ‘Others’.”

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